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Whether it’s a sump pump failure, a ruthless visit by mother nature, or an experimenting toddler testing the swimming capabilities of small toys in the toilet, it does not take much time for water to have a seriously damaging effect on your home. In event of water, emergency reaches out to us for emergency water removal as you will need to take immediate action to begin the water extraction process in order to mitigate the damage, save as much property as possible, and dry the area before mold and mildew set in.

Rely On Residential Water Damage Restoration Baltimore

Our water removal professionals are fully trained to handle the worst situation, they are certified to extract water in areas affected by excessive water and sewage damage. We utilize an approved process that also offers protection against germs, mold, mildew, and odor. You can rely on us not only to remove water from your property effectively on time but also to clean and deodorize your home safely and efficiently.

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Our Efficient And Expert Team For Water Removal

At Water Damage Restoration Baltimore, our water removal vehicle is well equipped with state-of-the-art water extraction, drying, and moisturizing testing equipment so you can confidently rely on us to remove water thoroughly and effectively. Plus our expert teams are having full knowledge of performing water removal, removing un-salvaged contents, flooring, and dry wall, clean the affected areas. They apply disinfecting agents, deodorize, and thoroughly dry the structure. Also, we help you with the insurance process.

Our water removal experts who are well trained and knowledgeable in this area of water damage, as they are trained professional and have received the institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration certification that is IICRC.

Choose The Water Extraction Method

There are several types of water extraction methods. The process is determined by the volume of water and the size of space where water extraction needs to be done. The various methods to choose from, ranging from the largest volume of water to the least would be truck-mounted extraction unit, submersible pumps, and wet-dry vacuums. However, the wet/dry vacuum would only be used when there is little water to be extracted. They are good for puddle sized areas. Any size beyond would require a stepped up to a submersible pump or truck-mounted extraction unit.

Using dehumidifiers and air movers placed within the recommendations of the IICRC, dry the remaining moisture that is left after the water extraction has taken place. Water extraction, when done using correct methods for water extraction should remove about 99% of water. It should only take about 3 days to dry the remaining moisture present.

Water Extraction Must Be Followed By Disinfecting The Area By Experts

One of the best reasons to go with professionals of the water extracting service for water extraction cases is that you will have access to the strongest and safest disinfectant present in the market. As is wise to apply a disinfectant to the affected areas after the drying process has been completed. This is the best way to kill any remaining bacteria that have lingering from the previous moisture. As the disinfectants from the home supply store may not be very effective in such a situation.

Insurance Cover For Water Removal

Insurance coverage largely depends on your policy plan. Typically the cause of the water damage has to be sudden and accidental. Following actions can be helpful to increase the likelihood that the insurance company covers the repair cost:

  • Pictures and videos supporting the water damage
  • Detailed notes
  • The proper explanation that can explain what happened
  • Keep track of action taken to fix the problem

If your plan covers flood damage and the insurance company tries to avoid paying for the repair cost, your pictures, videos, and notes will serve a good purpose for recovering the cost.


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