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Water damage to a property may occur from a number of variables. Living in South Florida, we witness a great deal of seasonal rain and humidity. Water damage and mold can affect even the most vigilant property owner where mold removal is needed. The foundation of your property will be weakened as this occurs, causing it to weaken.

You can encounter a roof leak that causes damage to the drywall or behind the kitchen cabinetry, for example. A plumbing malfunction such as a pipe burst will cause a rapid gush of water, drain all around it and probably keep you from running your water until the plumbing problem is solved. When it goes unnoticed for weeks or months, an air conditioning device leak will result in costly damage. A flood from your upstairs neighbor will cause chaos if you live in a condominium if it seeps through your roof and down your walls.

We minimize water harm, which consists of determining the site of the problem, identifying the cause, removing water from the region and drying the wet building materials quickly. Your issue can transform from a water damage problem to a mold removal project without undertaking these measures.

Mold is a form of fungus that is caused by humidity or moisture. It can not only spoil the charm of your house, it can cause significant problems with the consistency of the air you breathe. If left unchecked for too long, your property could experience severe depreciation, causing significant harm.

If mold is visual, we can create a plan quickly to reduce and safely remove more mold formation. High humidity within your property will also create a mold epidemic, resulting in mold growth in places that are not noticeable. Testing could be required in this case to assess the nature of the problem with the mold. You are ready to restore any areas removed after the mold removal is complete.

There are also businesses that repair water damage and mold removal that can actually erase the damage and leave you with hideous gaps in the wall, broken baseboard, or cabinetry. Uh, not us. We have restoration services to ensure that your house is preserved as magnificent as it was before, if not better.

Mold in your house will become a rising concern that needs urgent attention. Buildings with moisture concerns, or who have recently or in the past had floods, are more at risk of mold growth that may be particularly poisonous and deadly. Within 24 hours of moisture penetration, mold starts to thrive and the only way to remove it from your property is by proper mold remediation.


Clients who don’t visibly see mold sometimes complain of respiratory trouble and feeling sick. If you see or suspect mold on your house, for a free assessment, call us. All mold sampling has mostly been outsourced to independent mold research firms. We works freely and transparently by separating any potential conflicts of interest from our process, allowing our consumers to maintain confidence in our work.



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